Success doesn’t come from what you do Occasionally.
success comes from what you do Consistently.

Know About us Security Services

Om Security Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Service is a fully licensed/insured private security and protection agency owned and operated by certified Armed Officers. We offer trained uniformed guards, available armed and unarmed, 24 hours a day, 7 days week.   All of our guards are certified crowd managers.


Om Security Solutions Pvt. Ltd. provides security services to reputed companies, celebrities, condominiums, hotels, events, and night life establishments.


Our security guards are put through rigorous, in depth training specified for each post assigned. They are uniformed in provided police style uniforms or uniforms that are requested by the client. We operate our own security training facility where we license and train all of our guards. 


Our management team has experience in criminal justice and sworn law enforcement with a minimum of a Bachelors degree.

  • Security Instructor Certifications
  • Certified Crowd Manager Certification
  • Law Enforcement Instructor Certification
  • Interview and Interrogations Certification
  • Corrections Certification


To provide professional security and investigative solutions customized to fit each individual client needs while demonstrating responsiveness, diligence and professionalism.

OM Security Guards – Your Trusted Security Partner in Bagru, Jaipur. With a commitment to safeguarding your peace of mind, we provide top-tier Security guard services in bagru Jaipur and its surrounding areas. Our team of highly trained and dedicated security professionals is equipped to meet all your security needs. Whether it’s protecting your business, event, or residential property, we are dedicated to ensuring safety and providing unmatched security solutions. OM Security Guards is your reliable choice for comprehensive security services in Bagru, Jaipur. Your safety is our priority.



This is further underlined in our mission statement, which has four main elements:

  • We want to simplify the belief of our customers.
  • We make our customers, employees, and Supporters more successful in their future ventures.
  • We make a positive contribution to the World.
  • We always demonstrate respect when achieving our results.

We are successful when you are:

  • We strongly believe that pursuing all of these goals is in our interest and the interest of all of our stakeholders: customers, employees and the planet as a whole.
  • We add value to people’s interaction with us, whether with excellent services or products, by engaging our employees and nurturing their talents and we show concern for our world and our communities with our various corporate responsibility programs under the motto of Secure Everyone Secure Everywhere.
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